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This is the editorial page. My chance to get my $.02 in. 

Ranting and Raving 
March 6 '98 A lot of us are fans of rear wheel drive. This is a topic to tackle in detail another time, when I am in a particularly gracious mood, so as not to get myself in trouble with the front wheel drive aficionados, as I usually do....
But for now, insert generic pro-rear wheel drive rant here.

Justifying and Rationalizing 
March 6 '98 No one has explicitly asked me this, but I bet there are some people wondering how, and why, we decided to call our humble little mailing list "chapman-era". It was a tough thing to decide.

Rod Bean and I got together, and tossed ideas for a name back and forth. We wanted a name that was not too long... more than two words gets kinda cumbersome. We both had very specific ideas about what flavor we wanted to convey, but we realized that names attempting to capture that flavor would be quite complicated, and that any reasonable name would be a compromise.

chapman-era came up pretty early in the discussion as one of the alternatives, and it is the one that just sorta outlasted the other options, because none of the other options seemed quite as good....

We did not intend to assert any particular implication about Chunky's endorsement, or otherwise, of any specific Lotus models, or even of the cars of any particular era. The intent was more to convey something about the sort of enthusiastic owners that were already interested in Lotuses 15 years (or more) ago, and continue to be... these folks are, largely, the target of our list. They tend to work on their own cars. Many also drive their cars competitively. They tend to be fiercely devoted to Chunky's ideals of simplicity and lightness. They generally prefer function over pretense.


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